Physiotherapy and Body work

The perfect combination of detailed hands-on therapy alongside expert movement re-education.

How We Help You

Physiotherapy through exercise and movement.

Our approach at BPS is inclusive and holistic. Inclusive that we don’t look at a body as just its parts. We look at you, our patient as a whole being with many wonderfully moving parts including the physical, psychological and social pieces. At BPS we treat the whole-body, leaving no part un-turned. We look forward to helping you move better in body and mind.

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Physiotherapy Initial Appointment

At BPS our Initial Appointments are longer than most traditional physio sessions and run for 60 minutes. This is because to truly understand you and your body, the way it moves and what is causing your concerns we need to do some thorough investigating!

Our initial consultations require you to fill out a Medical History Form before the appointment to help us get a wide-lense view on any past injuries, movement patterns and lifestyle factors which may be relevant.

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One of our experienced Physiotherapists will then sit down and hear from you in person the details of your injury or issue in a one-on-one appointment. From here we use a proven framework known as ‘ConnectTherapy‘ to understand your goals and what you seek to achieve from treatment. We will then conduct a thorough subjective and objective assessment which will usually include a variety of different manual therapy specialized tests and a whole-body bio-mechanical assessment. The method of Physiotherapy we use to conduct this is call ConnectTherapy (see more in our blog here).

We will then be able to clearly explain how we can assist you in those goals and expectations. We will thoroughly discuss the types of treatment and timelines for treatment that we recommend.

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Women’s Health Appointment

These appointments are carried out only by a few of our specialised Physiotherapists and they are specifically set aside for women’s health concerns including:

  • Pre and Post Natal related symptoms
  • Bladder and Bowel concerns
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Prolapses
  • Diastasis Recti

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Our specialised Physiotherapists also treat a wide range of pre and post operative breast cancer concerns.

As well as being experienced in the intricacies of how hormonal changes through peri menopause and menopause affect the whole musculoskeletal system. Commonly through peri menopause we are aiding in things such as:

  • Weight Gain
  • Joint aches
  • Headaches

and through menopause we are aiding in things such as:

  • Osteopenia
  • Osteoporosis

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Physiotherapy Follow Up Appointment

This is where the rubber hits the road. Our follow up sessions are usually 60 minutes (although we do have 30 min options available if desired). And the goal in these sessions is simple – do the work and make the change!

Depending on your particular diagnosis and treatment plan this may look like manual therapy, Dry Needling, Myofascial work, Exercise Rehabilitation, Taping, Real Time Ultrasound, Bio Feedback, Bio Psychosocial discussions and Pilates. More often than not it involves a mix of all of the above.

To understand in more detail the type of Physiotherapy we practice read our ‘ConnectTherapy’ blog post here

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Real Time Ultrasound Appointment

Real Time Ultrasound is a wonderful tool. It is the same type of ultrasound you might think of when you imagine looking at an image of a baby in utero. However, in our case we are using it to look at the function of muscles, fascia, ligaments and other soft tissue structures in real time as they perform under load. This gives us a unique advantage as often many of the compensatory mechanisms a body is using are happening deep below the surface.

The ability to be able to see in real time how a pelvic floor is lifting … or not … how your deep core muscles are connecting … or not, and how your deep hip stabilizers are recruiting … or not; gives us valuable detail about your symptoms and what to do about them!

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is often used by our Physiotherapy team throughout treatment, however there are some instances where a specific Dry Needling session is needed.

Many people think of acupuncture when they think of dry needling, however there are some distinct differences. Dry needling focuses on the myofascial lines of pull in the body, and is a great tool to help decrease excessive tone in these lines and give the body the opportunity to learn new strategies for movement.

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Massage with a Physiotherapist

All our massage appointments are conducted by our Physiotherapy team, so you can be certain no past or existing injuries will be put at risk and the level of hands-on assessment is expert.

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