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Our approach is inclusive and holistic.
Inclusive in that we don’t look at a body as just its parts. We look at you, our patient as a whole being with many wonderfully moving parts including the physical, psychological and social pieces. At BPS we treat the whole-body, leaving no part unturned. We look forward to helping you move better in body and mind.
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Whether you are rehabbing an injury, wanting to improve your posture, relieve back pain or enhance flexibility and coordination, Pilates at BPS offers a safe and effective way to boost your well-being. We offer a variety of different formats for our Pilates sessions to ensure you get exactly what you need.
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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our child and family centred approach to paediatric care harnesses your child’s strengths and uses them to challenge their weaknesses. It develops skills beyond those of strength and balance through targeted multi system assessment and biomechanical analysis via movement.
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Seniors Group Pilates

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the health benefits of Pilates, so we’ve modified traditional workouts to suit the physical needs of seniors. We frequently get asked about our Pilates for seniors, so we thought we’d let you know a bit more about these amazing group classes. No matter your age, Pilates can help you get to where you want to be.
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Rebirthing Breathwork is conscious connected breathing through the nose. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, dropping us out of ‘fight or flight’ and into ‘rest and digest’. It is in this state that we can allow healing to happen.
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