About Us

Who we are and what we do.

At BPS Tensegrity, our Bio-Psycho-Social approach to health is at the heart of everything we do.

Evidence shows that an approach which considers the biological components of health; things such as anatomy and physiology; as well as the psycho-social components of health; such as mental health, lifestyle factors and support networks, gives an optimal outcome for patients time and time again.

We believe that this approach can change lives. It helps people who have been through trauma or illness to take control of their own recovery. We want you to feel empowered by what you can achieve with us at BPS Tensegrity!

And what is Tensegrity? It’s an engineering principle that explains how a structure does well when supported from within and without the need for excessive restraints and braces from without. We’ve explained in more detail on our blog page.

We understand YOU and know you are the same. You and your body are YOUR best version when you can be support from within. Come work with us for physio or pilates and we’ll show you how!

In every interaction we have with patients, with colleagues and with the wider community we stand by our core values of:

Using a mix of ConnectTherapy Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates; we have found the perfect combination of detailed hands-on therapy alongside expert movement re-training, to enable our clients and patients the ability to transform their injuries and the capacity of their bodies.

BPS Tensegrity has 3 locations across Sydney in Caringbah, Hurlstone Park and Rozelle. We have been working closely with many of Sydney’s top surgeons and supporting Sydney-siders for 9+ years to rehabilitate their injuries, understand their bodies and live the lives they want…and deserve.