Pilates to improve your golf swing

How Pilates Can Benefit Your Golf Game

As part of our BPS mission, we use our knowledge and expertise to provide a clear, individualized and functional program to our clients, and that includes those that love Golf!

This is why a few years ago I decided to start some research about golf to help one of my clients improve her technique through Pilates. I quickly realized that golf is such a complicated sport!! After struggling between YouTube videos and articles from all sorts of websites, I decided to contact my client’s golf coach Barry Bent from Woolooware Golf Club, I couldn’t have made a better decision! Combining Barry’s exceptional experience in the golf world with my technical support from a physio and Pilates point of view, we are developing great repertoires specific for golf lovers.

Spinal Rotation in Golf

Considering the crucial importance of the spine rotation during the golf swing, Pilates can be extremely effective to strengthen the transverse abdominis (lower tummy muscle), responsible for giving you the stability, but also your obliques, responsible for the actual rotational component.

By starting in a “non-familiar” environment, that means in a position that is different from your golf swing (e.g. lying on your back or seated on the mat), at BPS we can help your mind and body to develop more efficient rotation strategies by isolating specific muscles through specific verbal and tactile cuing. Once you mastered these new movement strategies, we then transfer them to a more “familiar” environment, or rather a position that is more similar to your golf swing, so your brain can strengthen the new strategy, therefore, with practice and repetition you will improve the performance. A great progression to work on your spine rotation would be to start with oblique chest lifts lying on the mat, progress with crisscross, then move into a seated half roll down with the twist, and finish with spinal rotation in golf stance – sound complicated? Not to worry, we’ll teach you how to do all these things!

Hips Disassociation and Lumbo-Pelvic Stability.

When I first watched a golf swing I thought “Great! The pelvis stays still and spine rotates over the pelvis,” but I quickly realized that it’s not! During your golf swing, your pelvis is actually moving in such a complex way to allow the forces to be efficiently transmitted to the club and then to the ball. Through the expert guidance of your Pilates instructor, at BPS you will learn how to disassociate your hips from your pelvis but at the same time how to stabilize your hips to avoid injuries on your lower back, SIJs or hips. The ultimate goal is to create a stable base of support, with an equally flexible and strong structure on top of it. And here comes the term Tensegrity, a concept of muscular-skeletal relationships based on the work of architect Buckminster Fuller. It refers to the forces of tension (provided by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) pulling on structure (bones and joints) that help keep the body both stable and efficient in mass and movement. Stability and efficiency, essential tools in almost all sports!

If you are interested in knowing more about how Pilates can help you improve your golf technique, don’t hesitate to call our studio (02) 8544 1757 or email us for any inquires at [email protected]. Alternatively, book your initial consultation online now!

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash