Amazing Evidence for the use of Pilates for Breast Cancer

Why is it so effective in post Breast Surgery and Lymph Surgery Recovery? 

During the treatment of breast cancer, most women will have surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which affects the muscles, nerves and lymphatic vessels in the shoulder and upper body.If not treated effectively, many women suffer from:

– Shoulder dysfunction
– Upper limb pain, loss of range if motion + weakness
– Reduced exercise tolerance
– Reduced quality of life
– Loss of sensation
– Neuropathy
– Speech + swallowing dysfunction
– Cognitive dysfunction
– Axillary web syndrome
– Lymphedema

The good news is that there is very strong evidence to show that much that can be done to avoid these complications, both before surgery in preparation and after as rehabilitation. Pilates is a fantastic method of preparing the body for the potential surgeries as well as rehabilitating the body post surgery! 

At BPS our team of highly specialised Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors work with women recovering from breast cancer and the associated surgeries each and every day!

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