breath work with julia

August BreathWork Class w/Julia

16 June 2023

Join Julia at BPS Hurlstone Park Friday 18th August for a Group BreathWork Class

Breathwork is conscious connected breathing through the nose. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, dropping us out of ‘fight or flight’ and into ‘rest and digest’. It is in this state that we can allow healing to happen.

Facilitated Breath Re-patterning allows you to release stored emotion, open your heart, and discover the answers to your challenges internally. Our nervous systems store energy, and our breath becomes conditioned based on past events. When you reset your nervous system and your breath is stabilized, you’ll begin to emotionally regulate and become familiar with lighter emotional states!

How Can Breath Work Benefit You?

  • Reduced stress and increases energy/aliveness
  • Releases toxins, emotions and stagnant energy
  • Allows old emotions, recurring pain, memories or past traumas to arise and release in a gentle and safe way
  • Opens and enhances creativity and expression
  • Learn more about Julia and Breathwork here.

What to Expect in the Class

Classes run approximately 2 hours. You are either lying on your back or seated and will be guided by Julia in the breathing technique as well as some guided meditation to allow yourself to be fully present in your body.

100% Respect at all times to you and what comes up for you.

How to Join the Class

Simply click here to view the timetable and scroll through to 16 June and select the class. If you have any questions or challenges signing up, please contact the studio on 8544.1757.